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Review of this application and supportive documentation will not begin until the Community & Development Services Department deems the application complete. No application submission will be considered complete until all required pieces are submitted. All required documents must be submitted electronically and labeled in accordance with Elbert County Community Development Services naming criteria. Applicant acknowledges that there is no mutually agreed upon time between the County and the applicant during which this application will be approved, conditionally approved or denied.

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The fee for this application is:
  • Letter from building owner, if other than occupant, approving proposed sign installation
  • Planning Commission approval (if required)
  • Site plan detailing exact location of freestanding sign(s)
  • Elevation detailing exact location of wall building signs
  • Fabrication materials
  • Method and level of illumination
  • Colors
  • Base landscaping plan
  • Rendering of the proposed sign including specifications
  • Engineered drawings
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