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Fee Schedule
Street Opening Permits
Normal $50.00
Non-reported Opening $200.00

Permit Fee (Based on Opening Size)
Up to 20 sq ft $100.00
Between 20 & 80 sq ft $250.00
Additional over 80 sq ft $1.00 per sq ft
Multiple openings (min.) $100.00 each

Performance Bond
Up to 20 sq ft $5,000.00 (min.)
Over 20 sq ft $5,000.00 plus $20.00 per sq ft over 20 sq ft
Multiple Openings (min.) $5,000.00 each
Newly Paved Roads (5 years or fewer) $50,000.00, or as determined by the County Engineer

Curb & Driveway Permits
Application Fee $50.00
Permit Fee Depressed Curb (Driveway Opening) or Full Height Curb $1.00/L.F. ($100.00 min)
Guarantee Bond (single driveway) $5,000.00
Guarantee Bond (all others) $10,000.00

Bridge Permits
Application Fee $100.00
Permit Fee $500.00
Fee for all work within 10 ft of Bridge outside these limits See road opening permit fee above
Guarantee Bond (For all work within 10 ft of bridge outside these limits) $25,000.00, or as determined by the County Engineer
Payments may be made via cash in person (No cash via mail) or make all checks payable to "County of Hudson".
Additional Conditions
Any applicant applying for a Road Opening Permit shall comply with the following additional conditions which are made a part of this permit.

1. Any use of County roads, structures or facilities which impede vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic shall necessitate the employment of a Police Traffic Director for directing and management of traffic. Please contact the appropriate municipal police.

2. The applicant is required to notify the County Engineer’s Office at least 48 hours prior to the starting of work at 201-369-4340.

3. The Road Opening Permit shall not be effective until applicant provides proof to the County that “One Call” Damage Prevention System 1-800-272-1000 has been notified.

4. Emergency Contact Person with (24 hour) telephone numbers must be provided.

5. All construction shall be in accordance with “NJDOT Standard Specifications for Road & Bridge Construction” 2019 amended.

6. Provide necessary lights, barricades, plates and a clear walkway at all times during the course of work to protect the traveling public. All work area signs and barricades shall be as per MUTCD requirements.

7. All backfill is to be done with quarry process stone Type 1-5 or DGA for the full depth of the trench.

8. The pavement is to be restored with ten inches (10”) of HMA 25M64 and two inches (2”) of 12.5M64 properly compacted. Final restoration must be completed within thirty (30) days of the opening. (Seasons permitting) infrared repave shall be required to all road openings, regardless to age and/or condition to the existing roadway.

9. Any opening of ten feet (10’) or longer shall be milled to a depth of two inch (2”) overlapping edges of the opening by twelve inches (12”)

10. Edges of the trench shall be cut in a straight line with a saw. The base is to be squared and cut on a vertical plane to a width and length of not less than twelve inches (12”) greater than the original cut. The surface restoration shall extend twelve inches (12”) wider and longer then the area of the base.

11. Any disturbed pavement markings must be restored immediately. Pavement markings must be restored to original or better condition. The restoration to construction must use the same or equivalent materials (3M-WR Thermoplastic Intermix) as originally installed. The restoration may be temporary (using paint) until the permanent markings are applied within thirty (30) days. Hudson County shall be held harmless in any and all accidents arising out of this work.

12. Excavation of Belgium blocks (Cobble Stones) or any other salvageable material from County Streets/Roads (with exception to historical roads) must be stock piled and later brought by the contractor or his designee to a designated site under the direction of the County Engineer.

13. For roads paved within the last five years, enhanced restoration methods will be utilized in accordance with Ordnance 529-9-2016. In Union City, their requirements for roads paved within the last 10 years shall be met.

14. If utility lines are to be decommissioned, the County will not take ownership of the abandoned lines. For pipelines, they shall either be removed or filled with inert, compacted material and sealed at both ends. If utility lines are to be left in place they shall continue to be marked out as part of the One Call System.

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Required Attachments
Call 1-800-272-1000 72 hours before any excavation for utility mark outs.
Attach 3 copies of a sketch or plans showing location and dimensions of proposed work. Traffic Control Plan, Insurance Certificate, Check/Money Order, Bond, Municipal permits, and/or Planning Board Approval. Copies of all local building or any other applicable permits must be attached. Lane closures will require a traffic control plan. All permits will require approval pursuant to Executive Order TAD-67.

All work must conform to construction standards of jurisdiction and the requirements of attached conditions and Hudson County Ordinance # 116-2-1999 as amended. The Permittee agrees to comply with the current laws of the Federal Government and the State of New Jersey. The acceptance of this permit shall be deemed an agreement to abide by all terms conditions and requirements as set forth by the County of Hudson. Notice must be given 48 hours before work starts to the County Engineer for inspections.

This application must be made and approved before any work is started, except in cases of emergency. Telephone notice of an emergency must be made immediately and followed by a written permit within 24 hours of notice and/or the next business day. Failure to comply with the emergency procedures may be subject to fines in accordance with Ordinance 405-6-2017. The original permit must be available at the site at all times when work is in progress.

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“I hereby certify that I have received and read a copy of Ordinance #116-2-1999 and the amendment and agree to the terms and conditions of the ordinance and as indicated in this application.”

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